Sunday, September 14, 2008

So long, summer

Tim got home from his ND/Chicago weekend just in time for the family to hit the pool one last time for the season (pool officially closes tomorrow). It's been a great summer for swimming, aided by the fact that Clare has grown leaps and bounds in her abilities and enthusiasm for being in the water. Here's a picture of the girl who began the summer refusing to put her face in the water during her swimming lessons:

And here she is getting ready to go under the water on her dolphin (a.k.a. Daddy):

Danny, meanwhile, remains cautious around the pool, but he's happy within his comfort zone. Today he absconded with a toy dolphin from the baby pool.

Despite being in a major mommy mode these days, he did make some time for Daddy love. We all had a good weekend with our respective activities, but it's nice to be all together again. Sundays are sublime.