Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Basement: Before

When Tim and I first moved from our cramped Chicago condo to the spacious suburbs of Atlanta, we couldn't get over how much space we had in our brand-new house. With five bedrooms and just one two-year-old, we figured we were set forever. Even though the basement was unfinished - who needed that kind of space, other than for storage?

Fast-forward eight years and add two more kids, and surprise, surprise, our perspective has changed! Yesterday the construction crew arrived, and for the next four to five weeks (so we've been promised, anyway), we will hear the dulcet sounds of hammers, saws and air compressors as they transform this space:

This will become a workout space for us, but could easily be a bedroom as well.

The general/playroom for big kids that promises space to safely construct Legos without the wrath of Laura nearby.

A family TV room where we can watch movies without the entire house being forced to listen.

A full bathroom on the way.

Quincy is going a little nuts, listening to the workers while being forbidden to join them. These weeks may be the longest for him.

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