Thursday, January 10, 2013

Terribly Terrific

I can't decide if my memory is just short, or if Laura really is more two than Clare or Danny ever were? As Donna recently remarked, "Her big sister may have worn underwear on her head, but Laura has her beat in terms of being a character!"

On the one hand, she is ridiculously inconsistent. She and I got into a certifiable screaming match about which shirt she was going to wear a few days ago. I wasn't trying to choose for her, mind you, simply have her make a selection. She loudly, angrily kept switching back and forth between two choices until I finally shouted, "That's enough!," slammed the drawer shut and wrestled her into one of them. After which she was perfectly pleasant, naturally.

"No!" remains an all-time favorite answer to any question, and lately she has taken to saying "No, ma'am!" to anyone she feels is in the wrong, including Quincy. At the same time, she usually remembers to say "No, thank you" if she doesn't want something and "Yes, please" when she does. She has also started saying "That's so silly!" and proclaiming "Mommy, so yummy!" when she eats something she likes. Oh, and we are in the thick of "Mommy, look! Daddy, look! Clare, look! Danny, look!" So, I now officially have three children vying for my attention in the most blatant of ways.

Six Flags really has nothing on parenthood.

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