Saturday, January 19, 2013

Extreme Bragging Ahead: Proceed with Caution

Last week, Clare's teacher called me two days in a row. It is highly unusual for me to receive phone calls from teachers. In fact, the only other one I've ever received was at the end of Clare's first week of Kindergarten, when her teacher called me simply to compliment me on my child. Now, I know my eldest well enough that when her teacher identified herself on the phone, I figured it wouldn't be about horrible grades or rude behavior. Still, I felt puzzled. Turns out call #1 was to inform me that Clare had been voted by her fellow classmates as their Peacemaker, to be honored at the annual Peacemaker Mass which celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. She made a point of telling me how much Clare really deserved this award, which of course is a lovely thing to hear. I have already learned over the years that teachers really love Clare - but that doesn't always translate to being well-liked or respected by fellow students. So an award bestowed by your peers is a special thing unto itself.

Ready for the geography bee.
Chatting with the big kids before the bee.
Her teacher mentioned that it should be kept a surprise. So, when Clare came home and reported that they had voted on Peacemakers that day, I kept quiet. She mentioned that she'd like the award, but told me who she had voted for and why - and seemed horrified when I jokingly asked her if she had voted for herself. It's sometimes too easy to mess with my sweet girl.

The next afternoon I got another call, this time telling me that Clare had advanced to the school's final round of the geography bee: only 10 students, grades 4-8. Now, I already knew about this because Clare had come home glowing with the news the previous afternoon. Her teacher figured I probably already knew, but wanted to make sure that I was aware I could attend. She also took the opportunity to tell me how delighted she was that Clare was in this competition because, "She's SO smart, and SO humble, and SO sweet." Can you ask for a better combination?
The proud group of Peacemakers.
To recap, Clare acquitted herself well in the geography bee, particularly as the youngest participant. In other words, she wasn't the first contestant eliminated! [Side, non-bragging note: I brought Laura to this event, to which she brought her "A" Class Clown game. Thank heavens Clare still finds her adorable. I learned that we're finished bringing Laura to events.] She was visibly but humbly delighted to win the Peacemaker award, and two of her dear friends were clearly and genuinely very happy that she received it. Then, to top everything off, she came home with a report card that puts her on the Principal's Honor Roll (all 95s and above).

Celebratory fro yo.
Tim picked her up from swim practice last night and opened with, "So, I hear you had a big day today?" Our Clare stayed right in character, responding, "Yes! I got frozen yogurt!" That's our girl, and we truly could not be more proud.

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jennifer morlan said...

Wow! I could not be more proud of her if she were my grand daughter. Oh wait---she is :-) Way to go darling Clare. Grammy