Thursday, January 31, 2013

She Also Has a Left Hook

I have about decided that Laura is a lefty, just like her Grandpa Larry. She very consistently colors and eats left-handed, and does both deftly. Somehow this does not surprise me, as she appears to be very interested in forging her own path and doing things her way.

I fear she may also be honing her boxing skills. Yesterday I toured a preschool, and foolishly listened to the school director's assurance that I could bring Laura with me. She deliberately pulled down toys (most of which had many, many pieces), had to be forcibly restrained from eating one of the classes' snacks, and tried her best to destroy students' art and school work. Worst of all, however, came toward the end of the tour. There were two other parents on tour (both of them first-timers, btw), one of whom had also brought her little girl. It seemed Laura and this little one were getting along fairly well, so much so that the mom and I joked that perhaps they could be placed in the same class. I turned my attention to examine the carpool space and heard the tour guide say, "Oh, gentle!" I turned around to find Laura repeatedly attempting to kick the little girl, all the while swinging her arms wildly in the attempt to hit her as well. The defiant look on her face told me she knew exactly what she was doing, too.

I really wonder if they revoke preschool acceptances. Perhaps I should be pursuing martial arts training instead.

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jennifer morlan said...

OK, now you have a Peacemaker AND a Troublemaker :-P