Monday, January 7, 2013


It was an agonizing decision, the design on Laura's second birthday cake. Two months ago I had it locked in my mind: Curious George. Watching "oooh oooh, ahh ahh" was a highlight of her day. Then, a month ago, she discovered The Little Einsteins, a.k.a. "Steins" - which is exactly what Danny used to call them when he was similarly obsessed. So I wondered: Should I recreate the Rocket cake I baked for him, lo these 4.5 years ago? I didn't relish the idea, but she really likes her Steins. Danny suggested I have Curious George flying Rocket, which was a creative variation. Still, I hemmed and hawed over it.
Then, a couple of weeks ago, Laura took to bursting into "Frosty the Snowman" at random intervals. I decided what better reason to capitalize on an early January birthday, not to mention that it's easier to create in frosting. We made the mistake of mentioning her cake, and pending (belated) celebration, a few days early, so we heard lots of "Frosty cake? Frosty cake?" well before it was actually time. Nevertheless, when the time finally arrived, she was delighted.
Before cake and presents, however, we made a family trip to the aquarium to see "fishes and whales." She thoroughly enjoyed this, sporting a hair style that for me echoed Clare's hair on her second birthday visit to the Legoland - but which, according to Danny, made her "look like a Viking." He might have a point.
While we did not opt for the Steins cake, we did go with a fabulous, you-probably-only-do-this-with-a-third-child move: regifting the Rocket we bestowed on Danny for his second birthday (after retrieving it from a long-term loan to the neighbors). And as we predicted, she loved it! (It should also be noted that this item is no longer for sale, so really we gave her a collector's item.)
We also had balloons, because what toddler doesn't love balloons? Sadly, they almost immediately drifted to the two-story ceiling.

One thing I loved? The fact that for dinner I whipped up a homemade vodka cream sauce for pasta - and it was received well by 4 out of 5 family members (Danny does not care for sauce). This was a new recipe, a feat I never would have attempted on Clare's nor Danny's second (or any) birthday dinners. We've come a long way, baby - especially you, sweet Laura!

Footage of Laura singing "Frosty":

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