Sunday, October 11, 2009

Art from the Heart

Given Donna's knee surgery, we've had a lot of motivation recently to create works of art. But there have been other inspirations, too, many of them out of the clear, blue sky. Take, for example, the horse picture that Clare drew for Danny a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to be sure and get this on record, because as sweet and caring as Clare is, she's not given to many words of affection. Which in some ways is nice, because when she says something like, "I love you," she truly means it. So it really warmed my heart when I read this note to Danny that said, "And don't forget, I love you!"

Danny was also a good reason for her to channel her creativity today, making him a coloring book while he napped. He naturally had no appreciation for it, but Tim and I did!

For his part, Danny isn't quite there when it comes to creating art. He has lately become very fond of using his stamp set, though, most notably because it features a variety of dinosaurs. Yes, Grandma, a stamped masterpiece is headed your way!

Lastly, I wanted to include this sweet painting from Parker. He worked very diligently on it, as you can tell, and he was very excited to give it to Danny. In fact, it was this particular exchange that got me thinking about these artistic expressions as a whole. Parker was so very sincere in wanting his friend to have this offering. Just like every piece the kids make for Daddy's office is a genuine gesture of affection. Yes, they're prolific and sometimes hastily finished. But these quick moments add up to a lot of love.

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