Friday, October 30, 2009

The Eve of All Hallow's Eve

It's not lost on me that I feel as though I have come back from the dead just as Halloween approaches. (Huge props to Waksman and Fleming. And Dr. Smith.) My recovery from bronchitis has happened just in the nick of time, too, because you really can't phone it in with Halloween.

I was pretty bummed to miss Danny's Halloween party on Monday, but Tim stepped in and reports that Danny had a marvelous time. He even took pictures, but I failed to get them off his Blackberry. You'll see Sir Danny again tomorrow, though, so sit tight.

Fortunately I was around to get my black cat prepped for her fun day at school, which culminated in the annual CKS Halloween Carnival. Isn't it cute how Quincy is checking her out?

Once she returned from school, while high on a fun afternoon, impatience quickly set in for both kids. I had promised an evening of pumpkin pancakes and Halloween shows (temporarily displacing the usual Friday night movie and pizza). It's pretty great when Halloween is on a Saturday, because you can really draw out the affair. However, I wasn't ready to start making pancakes at 4 p.m. as Danny requested, so I threw them in the bathtub instead. It was during this time that I remembered we hadn't carved our pumpkins yet. Clare wasn't too interested, having declared this a rather boring procedure to watch last year. But Danny was fired up.

Until I actually cut in to the pumpkin and revealed its innards. At which point he turned his back on the process, declaring it too gross to watch. This from the boy who selected the pictured plastic beetle for his treasure today at school. Fickle, thy name is Danny.

Abandoned, I nevertheless persevered. We have eerie, glowing pumpkins on our porch as we speak, and I even toasted the seeds for the first time ever. Danny decided, without sampling them, that they would make him sick, but Clare ate several with gusto.

The pieces de resistance, though, were definitely the pancakes. I finally took advantage of the pumpkin molds I received a couple of years ago, and the kids actually noticed! Enough to report about them to Tim even after they were consumed. Truly gratifying. This coupled with Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pancake Mix and a couple of slices of bacon made for a rave meal as far as they were concerned.

Stay tuned for pictures from the main event tomorrow...rain or shine.

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