Friday, October 16, 2009

Crisp Nights and Cozy Toes

One of my very favorite things about the temperature dropping this time of year is the opportunity for the kids to wear footy jammies. As a child I loooooved mine, and even found an ill-advised pair in high school (that I thankfully did not take with me to college). Earlier in the week I was mildly devastated when Danny informed me that he doesn't like footy jammies. Fortunately, he had a change of heart this evening when Clare donned hers. It just doesn't get any cuter, does it?


Jennifer A Morlan said...

It really doesn't get any cuter! and it brings back fond memories of you in your footy jammies. Remember how Alex used to chase you around when you wore them?

joycooperwidding said...

Liz- Just had to share (much to his dismay, I am sure but whatever!) that Ross also wore footsie pajamas (as we call them) well past their due date (middle school-ish)and it makes me smile that you did too! We pulled them out last week and both girls are still hooked...must run in the family!