Thursday, October 1, 2009

Patching Things Up

Unlike last year, I was looking forward to today's field trip to Berry Patch Farms, despite it being my fifth year in a row. First of all, I was grateful to be going at all, because that meant Clare was well enough to return to school. Secondly, the forecast was sunny and gorgeous. And finally, there were going to be lots of friends of both Danny's and mine in attendance.

Danny was also very excited about the excursion, which added to my own enthusiasm. Last night as I kissed him good night, he whispered excitedly, "Tomorrow we go to the pumpkin patch!" He happily donned his pumpkin tee, and from the minute we disembarked from the car he was ready. Ready to play with friends on the swing set. Ready to ride the hay ride and select the perfect mini pumpkin or gourd. (He opted for the strangest gourd he could find, which he declared looks like a sea monster. Boys are so weird.) Ready to sample apple cider and enjoy a picnic lunch with his classmates. And ready to harass the farm animals. (The turkey got back at him, however. As Danny told Clare and me this afternoon, "when Lulu and I ran past the turkey, he gobbled us!" The ensuing hysterical laughter from Clare and me didn't go over very well - this was a serious, scary experience!)

So it was a glorious, sun- and fun-filled day (although we did miss Parker and Miss Amy), and a great way to kick off fall and the Halloween season.

I had to include the picture below, because it illustrates just how much Danny looks up to Zach. As they were standing around, Danny noticed that Zach was standing on one foot. So here is Danny attempting to emulate him:

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