Thursday, October 8, 2009

Giving Couch Potatoes a New Rep

Danny and I like Thursdays. It's the one day of the week that Danny is guaranteed to see his bestest bud, Parker, as the two of them are in a Little Gym class these mornings. This is a great class, because they are old enough to go in sans parents, plus it's a full hour. So Amy and I drop off the boys and go for a vigorous walk, frequently accompanied by our third musketeer, Jennifer. Yes, our tongues wag faster than our legs, but those are moving quickly enough, thank you!

Ever since these classes started, we've set the precedent of letting the boys play together after class is over. If it's nice, we head to a nearby park. If not, off to Parker's or Danny's house we go. Today we ventured to Casa Seymour, because little Miss Anna was joining us while her mommy was on a conference call. At 22 months, Anna was of little interest to Heckle and Jeckle, who listlessly greeted her and then bolted for the basement where, Danny informed us, they were doing "silly stuff." Sweet Anna didn't seem to mind, and peacefully thumbed through our selection of Halloween cats or occasionally wandered into the playroom.

Then the boys came upstairs, and before we knew it they had embarked on the sofa olympics. First they were doing forward rolls off of the ottoman. Then, when Anna was taking her turn - and taking too long, according to Dan-o and PK - they started jumping off of the end of the chaise. And diving. And bouncing. (At this point Tim is no longer wondering what, exactly, is causing the demise of our couch.) They would stack all of the throw pillows in a heap and then jump on or over them. Apparently it was a whole lot of fun. Anna wisely remained involved only on the perimeter, but from her giggles and smiles she seemed to feel happily included.

Once enough energy had been expended, Parker introduced Danny to the age-old joys of building a fort from couch cushions. (Who among us didn't do that as a child, loving every minute?) My favorite part about this particular activity was when they brought all of the Halloween books in with them to read. They asked us to cover them up with the blanket, and then proceeded to read their books - and giggle, of course. Sadly, Anna was not included in this exclusive club, but she took it in stride and only once moved the blanket aside to see what was going on. I can only imagine that she, as I so often do, was saying to herself, "Boys!"

But they're pretty cute boys, aren't they?

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