Friday, May 27, 2011

Danny's Last Day of Preschool

Three years ago, when Danny started preschool, I remember thinking that three years sounded so long. It would be three whole years before he and Clare would be in school together. As usual, time had a good laugh at my expense.

I remember how tearfully Danny began his school career, reluctantly guided by Parker into the building. As I knew he would, but was still relieved to observe, Danny blossomed as a student, developing great "buddies" (according to Danny, girls are "friends," boys are "buddies") and falling head over heels for his teacher.

You will have to forgive me for his extreme casual attire on this last day. Danny has a deep loathing for "getting fancy," as he refers to wearing a collared shirt. I guess this isn't that surprising, considering his slippers in the above photo. Knowing that he will soon get fancy every single day come August 11, I decided to let him wear whatever pleased him. Enjoy your summer, buddy! And stop growing up so fast.

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