Tuesday, May 24, 2011


These last weeks of school are always filled with exciting events. Last week was Danny's final Spring Fling at VCLC, which included his graduation from preschool and, in my admittedly biased opinion, the best class performance of the night. I didn't get it on camera myself, but refer you to this link to observe (you have to wait until the 1:15 minute mark for them to start; he's at the far left of the screen). As you can see, he was proudly strutting his stuff and mentioned the next morning that he wanted to do it again. A star is born.

This morning it was Clare's turn to take the stage for the Second Grade Variety Show. From the moment the teachers announced this event, she knew she wanted to perform some Irish dancing. While originally a couple of her friends were going to do it with her, they eventually bowed out - but that didn't deter Clare in the slightest. Better yet, she opted to do the slip jig, a dance she has only recently mastered. I was present for the performance, of which I only recorded a snippet (we can blame Laura for my camera malfunction, as I was holding her with one hand and the camera in the other). She was very serious and focused!

She later performed again, this time with her Junior Jazzercise group. This was an after-school class she took, and this performance was an encore of the one they did at the halftime show for the Atlanta Hawks (along with several other Junior Jazzercise groups). MTV, here she comes!

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Crystal said...

Love these!!! Clare is a great dancer!!