Saturday, May 14, 2011

Winey Clare

During the days leading up to Clare's First Communion, she spent a fair amount of time agonizing over whether or not to take the wine. Her biggest concern was that she would dislike the taste so much that she would make a face that would hurt God's feelings. We assured her that it was perfectly acceptable to pass on the wine. She went through this conversation with me at least three times, Tim several times, and each of her grandmothers at least once. Finally, as the morning of First Communion dawned, she seemed at peace with her plan to not take the wine.

Lo and behold, when the time for communion arrived, I noticed that her beloved teacher was one of the people administering the wine. Clare noticed this, too, because she turned to me and said, "I might take the wine after all." And she did, with great poise...until we rounded the corner and she turned around to tell me, in a very loud whisper, "That wasn't so bad!"

I chose the above photo for this post because Clare looks particularly relaxed and happy...possibly because she had mistakenly swigged from her Grammy's wine glass a short moment before. Ah, the power of vino.

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Jennifer said...

My girl robs you of your martini olives in a hesitation. Ah, how different those girls are... Sweet Clare, you can wine with me any time1