Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Luncheon

A couple of weeks ago, I was cordially invited to a Mother's Day Luncheon, hosted by Danny's Tigers class. Remembering Clare's PreK luncheon, I gladly accepted the invitation! As I expected, it was darling. Danny stood by the door, eagerly awaiting my arrival, and greeted me so enthusiastically. He sat me down, showered me with cards and gifts, and promptly served me a delicious lunch. While in line to fill my plate, he announced to his teacher, "My mom wants a lot of everything!" He was likely relieved by the menu, having tearfully fretted the night before, "What if Ms. Kerlik doesn't know that you don't like mushrooms?" Fortunately, not an ounce of fungus to be seen.

The Tigers recited a darling poem, and mostly loved on the moms. With my parents still in town and available to keep Laura, it was a terrific opportunity for some one-on-one time with my Danny Boy. Who, might I add, had not been too thrilled with me earlier in the day when I insisted that he wear a collared shirt, also known to him as "getting fancy." He was particularly put out by this when I proceeded to drive him to school in some ratty shorts and a t-shirt. As promised, however, when I arrived to the luncheon I was much more presentable. And, might I add, it was definitely worth the effort!

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Sarah said...

I'm so glad they upheld the tradition. It was just as much fun to create the event last year as it was to participate with my Bobbins.

What a wonderful weekend! Every child had their own special event.