Friday, May 13, 2011

Laura's Baptism

With so many loved ones coming in for the weekend for Clare's First Communion, we were thrilled to be able to schedule Laura's baptism for the same visit. It made for a bit of a whirlwind schedule, but also very special. We were lucky to have a private baptism, and Laura was an absolute angel: wide awake, but didn't make a peep. With my oldest and dearest friend, Jen, as godmother, and (almost) all of our closest family members with us, it was a perfect moment.

Getting dressed in the gown that Clare wore for her baptism:

With Jen, ready to go:

Danny making the sign of the cross on her forehead. One of the best parts of having a private baptism was that Clare and Danny both got to participate in the ceremony:

The moment of baptism:

Clare wiping Laura's brow:

And a slew of group shots:

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