Friday, May 11, 2012

So Ugly They're Cute?

Sort of like Birkenstocks, Crocs inspire debate as far as their attractiveness goes. I will tell you that I detest Birkenstocks. I will also say that, while I own a pair and find them handy for things like taking the garbage outside or watering plants, I do not wear my Crocs as regular footwear.

Yet, I think they're perfectly acceptable for kids, especially little kids. They have been Danny's chosen shoe for about four years now, particularly in the summer. When you have pudgy, Flintstone-like feet as he does, flip-flops are just not comfortable. Crocs are the perfect thing to throw on when headed to the pool, or the beach. (I still do not validate them as appropriate footwear on Easter Sunday, but I have already explained that particular situation.)

Laura is now following in her brother's footsteps. I picked up a pair of bright pink Crocs from Target, thinking they'd be great for the pool this summer. I tossed them in my shoe basket in the kitchen to keep them handy. Indeed they are handy, so much so that every morning after she gets down from her high chair, Laura beelines for the basket and hands me her Crocs, one at a time. She loves them. She clearly associates wearing them with heading outside, but even if we don't get to do that she wants to keep them on. If she sees them in her room from her crib, she points to them expectantly and will not be satisfied until they are on her feet. To a lesser degree, she is this way about her other pairs of shoes, too. I guess she's an accessories girl. To which we repeat the never-ending refrain: Just work harder, Tim.

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