Thursday, May 31, 2012

Best Zoo Trip Yet

Based on a recommendation and our desire to keep trying new sites, we headed to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. We're still at the point where there aren't too many attractions that really work for the five of us, but a zoo fits the bill. And this one was fantabulous!

After a beautiful drive over the Sunshine Skyway, an engineering marvel that spans a huge chunk of Tampa Bay, we arrived on a day that proved to be blessedly overcast for much of it, and rather deserted in terms of crowds. Which means we had prime views of all animals, including this Clouded Leopard:

And this very large Burmese Python which Danny would go on to insist, all day long, really wasn't that long:

The zoo had a terrific layout, enabling us to wander from one cool exhibit to another, including an underwater manatee and turtle viewing area and this stingray petting pool (she loved it and would have dove right in):

Thanks to the lack of crowds, we walked right in to a sit-down restaurant for lunch, where our table was in front of a window offering prime views of giraffes, zebras and elephants. After refueling, Clare and Danny took a camel ride, during which I am told they pretended to be in Arabia:

We saw a lot of animals, and I will not bore you with photos of all of them. We also enjoyed easy access to rides, which were pleasantly included as part of admission to the zoo. In addition to a flume ride, kiddie coaster, and airplane-like ride, we hit the carousel, for what I believe was Laura's first time:

(She is riding a manatee after getting bumped off the cougar for Danny, who was intent on riding a predator.)

Clare and Danny were definitely in the zoo zone, enjoying every single experience, including brushing goats:

Everyone walked away with a different favorite animal - alligators, rhinos, spoonbill stork (?) - but we all agreed it was awesome!

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