Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sarasota Jungle Gardens

We're trying to branch out on this summer's visit to Sarasota, particularly since we were fortunate enough to be here a few weeks ago for spring break. And so we present today's excursion to The Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

When we first mentioned this plan, Danny was less than enthused. I imagine he pictured actual gardens, rather than the true attraction: reptiles and birds. As he is currently fascinated with wildlife, most notably snakes, he quickly changed his tune.

We spent the first hour exploring the gardens, viewing macaws, birds of prey, turtles, and even lemurs. Eventually we found our way to the flamingos, which you are welcome to feed. At first, Clare and Danny were a bit startled by the flamingos' familiarity:

Soon, though, they both warmed up to the friendly birds:

Meanwhile, Laura enjoyed walking around as though she owned the place:

From here it was time for the reptile show. Danny was thrilled that it featured a Burmese python (aptly named Lucky), which have become somewhat notorious in Florida and about which he has seen and learned a lot on Nat Geo Wild. He and Clare were able to pet both Lucky and a baby alligator named Tinkerbelle:

Later, both kids got to hold Oliver, a bird whose type I do not recall:

All in all, it was a terrific outing full of hands-on fun. So much that it resulted in this:

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