Saturday, May 19, 2012

Clare's Literary Life

A couple of weeks ago, Clare returned from a sleepover at one of her BFF's determined to start a business. The girls had opened a shop of sorts, selling bookmarks and bracelets, and she was still riding the entrepreneurial wave. Thus was born CMS Books. Now, being nine, Clare starts a lot of projects that don't necessarily reach fulfillment. So far, though, CMS Books is more than a flash in the pan, as I received a signed book for Mother's Day, and other books have been written for gifts, too.

I think she was also inspired by their last project at school. The third graders spent months writing and illustrating chapter books, complete with dust jackets. They presented them at an Authors' Tea yesterday, where they dressed as the main character of their book. Surprise! Clare was an "old-fashioned" girl. (And surprise! Laura was a bit of a menace, but charmed the audience with her hat.)

Rounding out her literary adventures of late was Clare's first foray into the Battle of the Books, a competition for 3-6th grades. Over the past several months, the students and their teams (generally four kids) read from a list of 24 books, preparing for the competition. Clare's team emerged victorious and went on to represent CKS for the third-grade level at the archdiocesan competition, featuring 16 schools. They didn't win, but acquitted themselves well and were truly thrilled to be there. Clare was her team's spokesperson, and I got to watch her in action since I was the chaperone. Needless to say, I was very proud.

Clare's current career goal is to be an author. I definitely think she's well on her way!

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