Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Scouting Report

The spring soccer season has just concluded, with what I believe was another victory for the Cosmos (they still do not technically keep score). I know that it was a winning evening and season for Danny! He scored often, passed well, and has developed a sense of the field that demonstrates how far he's come as a player. I think he's still got his heart set on trying football in the fall, but we plan to encourage soccer now that he's starting to really get it. (Note that I have sworn not to have one of those two-sports-simultaneously kids. We'll see how quickly that unravels...)

Being a Friday night game, it was a whole family affair, marking Laura's second game. She generally enjoyed herself and showed an appreciation for some great plays - or at least an ability to clap when she heard other people clapping, even if it was for a completely different field.

Meanwhile, swimming has continued full speed for Clare, who is now winding down the Swim Atlanta season and will soon start the summer season for Vinings Estates. Her interest hasn't wavered, I'm pleased to say. I guess we Seymours have a sporty side after all.

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